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Children ‘s Orthodontics


Free Orthodontic Assessment for Children

(minimum 10 years old) (new patient offer only)

As impressive as clear aligners’ technology is (such as Invisalign), they all have a big flaw. They need to be worn all the time! Consequently, compliance could be an issue in our younger patients. We still recommend conventional braces for children younger than 14 year of¬†age. In addition, at times, there are advantages to starting the orthodontic treatments early. Such as:

* Positively influence jaw growth, improving skeletal discrepancies
* Create ideal dental arch widths
* Improve eruption patterns
* Reduce risk of trauma to protruded upper incisors
* Improve self-esteem

At Brighter Smile Dental, we formulate a comprehensive customized orthodontic treatment plan for your child to achieve the best possible functional and aesthetic outcome.