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Anti-wrinkle Injections


Flawless looking skin, another reason to smile

Wrinkles are caused by a number of contributing factors. It’s not just about a reduction in collagen production as the body ages, or damage caused by the UV rays and air pollution. When you laugh, frown, concentrate hard or squint, your facial muscles contract and your skin creases. Over time these creases deepen and become permanent.

BOTOX is one of the many brand names for a purified naturally occurring protein derived from Botulinim bacteria. The other popular brand names are, Dysport (from France) and Xeomin (latest product from Germany). These products are collectively called BTx-A.

Through a series of minor injections, BTx-A works beneath your skin’s surface targeting the underlying muscle activity that causes facial lines. BTx-A minimises muscle movements, allowing the skin to relax and become smoother, thereby restoring a more youthful looking face. No anaesthetic is required and the entire procedure can be completed in as little as 15 to 30 minutes. This simple, non-surgical procedure is specially useful to treat “crow’s feet” around the eyes, horizontal forehead lines and frown lines between the eyes.

As dental professionals, the Brighter Smile Dental team are highly trained in the anatomy of the face. Our experience with cosmetic dentistry also provides us with great insight into balanced facial aesthetics. With the results lasting three to six months, you can receive anti-wrinkle treatments when you schedule your regular check-ups if you so wish.

BTx-A can also be used to ease facial spasms as well as tension and pain around the jaw joints caused by grinding and clenching. It is an extremely effective treatment for reducing/eliminating gummy smiles.

To learn more about how an anti-wrinkle treatment from Brighter Smile Dental can help rejuvenate your smile and natural beauty, schedule a consultation or ask one of our friendly team members at your next oral health check-up appointment.